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About Us:    

    Established in 1981, Shine Car Shine is one of the oldest detail shops in Hampton Roads. We strive for excellence on every detail which is why 75% of  our cliental consists of repeat customers. At this point, even the children of our original customers are bringing their cars to Shine Car Shine.  Why not try us out for yourself? Then you too can drive around with that "Shine Car" Shine!

    We are a "Family Owned" shop that offers a detailing experience different from all others! Tired of the quick cleanups that last only a week or two? Unhappy with express details? Ever wish someone would give your car the attention you haven't time to give? 

    Then Shine Car Shine is the detail shop for you! At Shine Car Shine, we are concerned with quality and not quantity. Unlike many shops, the owners work along side with their crew insuring your car gets all the attention it deserves. In addition, every car is thoroughly inspected before it is released as if it were our own.


     Our details do not take thirty minutes, an hour, or even two! No! Our details require a minimum of six to seven hours as we truly pay attention to "the details" and leave no crevice untouched. SUV's, Jet Ski's, Motorcycles and trucks may take even longer!

    Only the very best shampoos, dressings, glazes, and sealants are used on your car.  At Shine Car Shine, we are thinking about the long term value of your car and helping you to maintain its value. Our regulars find an annual visit to our shop enables them to keep their cars pristine with a minimum of effort.

    And another thing! When it's time to sell or trade that car, our customers claim to receive Blue Book price or above. With the cost of automobiles in this day and age, it is good to know there is a place like Shine Car Shine working along with you to maintain not only your car's beauty but also its bottom line. So what are you waiting for? Come on by and "Experience the Difference!"


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